About Glenfinnan Candles

Glenfinnan Candles was established back in 1972 by Jim and Mary Hunter, both sadly no longer with us. They lived two miles off the main Road to the Isles up a single track dirt road in a beautiful glen called Uachan.The house in which they lived had no electricity or water so they used a generator and the water came from the hillside. Jim started to make candles in a corrugated iron shed which was heated and lit only by paraffin. He mastered the art of candle making over many years and was a perfectionist when it came to this skill. His wife Mary worked in Fort William in a well known outdoor shop and came up with the idea of making an Anti-Midge Candle.

Anyone who has ever been to the Highlands in summer will know all about the Scottish Midge and the misery they can inflict on you should you stray outdoors in early morning or evening. Thus was born the ‘Glenfinnan Candles’ trademark anti-midge candle and it is still our best seller during the summer months. They were possibly one of the first manufacturers of Citronella anti-midge candles.

Many years later I met Jim and helped out with the midge candles part time, and I found that I had a natural ability for making candles, but I was taught by the best. Jim passed on all of his ‘secrets to candle making’ and we had many a laugh during this time, with Jim reciting stories of his life and friends and some of the exploits he used to get up to in the mountains that he loved so much. Many a dram would be consumed at the end of the day, the craic (crack) was always good.

Jim gave me the opportunity to take over the business back in 2001 which I readily (and excitedly) accepted.   I have continued to develop my skills and am learning new techniques all the time. That’s one thing with candle making, you never stop learning something new.